Fresh ideas for Nonprofits

Fresh ideas for Nonprofits

Are you having a creative block in writing your year-end appeal?

I thought so.  That’s why you’re reading this blog post instead of writing the appeal!

Here are some tips for unleashing your creativity.

1.) Call one of your biggest fans or largest donors and ask them why they support your cause. Ask them to describe what you do and why it matters.  Invite them to tell a story.  Use their words in your appeal.
2.) Ask someone who benefitted from your programs to write the appeal based on what your cause means to them.
3.) Ask your child or a friend’s child how they would describe what you do.  It’s often wildly creative, if not accurate.  But it will get you thinking.
4.) Make a collage of some pictures that speak 1,000 words about your work.  Describe what you see from an emotional place - rather than simply writing about what you do.
5.) (Bonus unexpected tip for those of you counting!) Don’t worry about writing a good appeal.  Try writing a great story.  The money will follow.

Good luck!

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